Welcome to Planted Small

Our inspiration for Planted Small  is rooted from our own roots; Snohomish, WA, the cutest small town you’ve never heard of. Snohomish, known for Harvey Airfield, lumber production, antique shops, and lots of space for farming, is not a destination spot for Spring Breakers. But we love it here. And this is the small town where we were planted.  We can’t control where we are planted, but we can take charge by how we tend to our growth. Growth is a slow and hard process, and can vary based on the environment we are planted in. Growth takes work, energy, and sometimes requires a lot more than sunshine and water. Being planted in this small town has shaped every ounce of our growth, and it continues to shape the trajectory of the growth we have yet to reach.  But, before we dive too deep, let’s introduce ourselves.


Hello there! My name is Jacob Davelaar and I will be a co-author for this blog. I am a Young Life leader, basketball coach, brother, son, and soon to be husband to Kelsey Morris. I love Jesus, music, people, and food (along with many other things).

The vision I have for being a contributor in this blog is to share with people what is actively going on in my life. I vow to you to be honest, vulnerable and real. I will try my best to hold back any puns and corny jokes. Whether people read this or not, I want to write in this blog to grow closer in my relationship with Kelsey and with God. We were all born for relationship. In the society we live in, the lie is that our worth can easily be determined by “shares” and “likes” but my goal is to “share” with you that your worth is found in Jesus by how much he “likes” (loves) you.

Instagram: @jacobdavelaar


Hi friends! I am Kelsey Morris (soon to be Davelaar) and I will be the other co-author of this blog. After hanging up my 20 year career with gymnastics and graduating from Boise State, I have found myself working for the ministry of Young Life! I am Wyldlife leader, a sister, a daughter, an administrator, a fiancé, and a professional goofball.

I am so excited to be sharing my life and experiences through the ministry along side my soon to be husband with you! There have been many lessons I have learned from the grace and mercy of our God and I hope that someone can relate, sympathize, or laugh along with the stories and adventures that are told on this blog. Similar to the human existence, working in the ministry can be messy, especially when you work with your future spouse. But we want to share with you the HUGE joy that comes from working in ministry, especially with your future spouse. While Jake and I are amateurs in relationships, and in our life experience, we are so thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you what a relationship of three looks like and how to live big when you are planted small! ♥

Instagram: @kelseyl.morris


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