Our Story

6 years ago, Jacob and Kelsey met in high school, instantly connected and always had a close friendship together. Kels was a senior leaving for out of state college and he was a junior. The day Kelsey left he wrote her a letter explaining how much he cherished her, and their friendship and how she deserved all the happiness that life could deliver. He wrapped up the letter by saying that if she ever found a guy who was like him, that she should marry him. Flash forward four years to Kels moving back to Snohomish, and reconnecting with Jake to go to the INN at University Presbyterian. They picked up exactly where they left off. After six months of developing their friendship, they both had fallen for one another but didn’t tell. Over the summer they both were traveling for two months, with spotty cell service, so they sent letters back and forth to keep in touch. By the end of the summer, Kelsey built up my courage and wrote to him that she was completely in love with him, and he returned her letter with a love letter of his own.